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Drinking Games

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3-Man Drinking Game

Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

This game is for 4+ players and very easy to play.

You need a pair of dice and lots of alcohol.
Everyone must sit around a table (or on the floor if you like).

You start by either nominating a player to be 3-MAN or the person that throws the lowest number after everyone throws is 3-MAN.

Then the person to the left of 3-MAN will start the game by throwing the dice. Every time a 3 is thrown or the dice adds up to 3 - 3-MAN has to take a sip of his drink. Once you have been around the circle back to 3-MAN, he nominates his person to his left - if he throws the dice before nominating he stays 3-MAN for another round.

You can also do the following when these numbers are thrown:

1 - social (everyone takes a drink)
2 to 4 - thrower nominates someone to take that amount of sips (e.g. double 3 - take 3 sips!)
6 - make a rule (like master of thumbs, no swearing, etc).

If you throw a:
7 - the person to your right must drink
11 - the person to your left must drink
5 or double 5 - quickly touch your forehead with your palm - last person to do this drinks (and this adds to the sobering part of the game)!

Every time you throw a 3, double, 7 or 11 you can throw again. And if someone rolls and the dice fall off the table, they have to finish their glass!

The game ends when everyone is too sloshed to carry-on.

Chubby Checkers

Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

Take one standard chess board that you don't mind spilling drink on. Gather your short shot glasses and some spirits.

The rules are simple: you use the board to play draughts / checkers but, instead of using the proper pieces, use shots of different drinks.

Each time a player takes an opponent's "piece" they have to drink it. The more pieces they take the more they drink and so on.


Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

This is a serious drinking game which requires no skill whatsoever. Take a pack of cards, shuffle, and lay it face down in the middle of the table. Prepare an empty glass and some bottles of spirit.

Each player takes it in turn to take a card and reveal it to the other players. If it is a jack the following rules apply. Otherwise discard the card an the next player has a go.

- First Jack: Player puts a shot of his / her choice into the glass.
- Second Jack: Another shot into the glass.
- Third Jack: Another shot into the glass
- Fourth Jack: Drinks the mixture down in one.

You can invent a whole series of additional forfeits for this game using other cards.

Spin The Bottle

Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

You need about 4 girls and 4 boys for this game.

Have everyone sit in a circle (Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl). Get a bottle of any kind. Put the bottle in the middle of the circle, now you are ready to play. One person spin the bottle, whoever the bottle ends up pointing at, the person that spun the bottle has to either:

- Do a "Truth or Dare"; or
- Take a drink and finish it

Continue play to the left.


Added by StudentUnion on 11-Dec-2005

Everyone gets a cup of anonymous soda, juice or caffinated beverages. Make some taste bad (but drinkable), and some good. Do not make them poisonous, and water is not good for this game.

Nobody should know what the drinks are. Everyone get given a drink.

There is one person chosen to lead. They try to make the first person laugh. They have 20 seconds. The first person is drinking their assigned drink at the same time that the leader is trying to make them laugh. If any amount of the drink spills out of the glass, they are out!

Usually they spit it out because they are laughing at the same time, or because they do not like the drink!

The person who avoids spilling their drink wins.

This is a great party game!

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