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Top 10 Crime Reduction Tips For Students

At Home

-         Lock your bedroom door ? even if you are going to make a cup of tea in the kitchen, this is still enough time for an intruder to enter your room and commit a crime.

-         Check that windows and doors are locked and secured at night or when nobody is at home ? don't rely on anybody else to do it.

-         Make a detailed list of your personal property ? make a note of the serial number on your computer and mark other items with an ultraviolet pen.

Personal Safety

-         think ahead ? consider your safety at all times. Don't walk alone especially at night, arrange to stay at a trusted friends or book a taxi.

-         Never leave drinks unattended ? consider the possibility that your drink could be spiked, ask a friend to keep an eye on it for you. Men's drinks get spiked too. If you suspect your drink has been spiked, inform a trusted friend or a member of staff immediately.

-         Don't flash your cash, mobile phone, or leave them lying around ? never flash or leave items unattended or on show inviting them to be stolen.

-         Make the effort to use ATM's during the day ? be aware that anybody waiting to use the cashpoint after you will be close behind you so always conceal your PIN. If you do use it at night then ensure that a trusted friend is with you and don't check your money in full view.

Vehicle Crime

-         Always lock doors, windows, the boot and the sunroof when leaving your car ? even if its only for a few minutes, this is enough time for a car thief to commit a crime.

-         Never have belongings in your car on show ? even an old coat could tempt a thief if they think something valuable could be in the pockets. If you leave anything inside your car, make sure that it is out of sight, in the glove box or in the boot.

-         Make sure you park your car in a busy, well-lit area, under a street light if possible.

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