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What University?

Universities market themselves. They want you. But you've got to pick the university or college that's right for you.

Find Out More

  • Universities and colleges have open days when you can talk to students, be shown around the campus, learn more about the course and check out the student accommodation. It's worth visiting the places you're serious about. After all, you'll be spending a few years there.
  • Attend Careers Fairs where you can meet employers and students from different colleges and universities.
  • Look around the town/city as well as the university/college. Are you looking for a party atmosphere, a peaceful place or a somewhere you can hone up your surf skills?
  • To find out when a uni or college is having an open day, see Opendays.com in our further information section.

Think About:

  • Location: Do you want to live in a city, on a campus, in the country or on the coast? Also, how close do you want to be to home?
  • Facilities: Visit the college to check out how well equipped they are. You don't want to spend three years fighting over books and computer access.
  • Accommodation: Does the university/college have halls of residence or will you be in shared flats or bedsits? All universities issue information about accommodation and they should also have someone who will help you to find housing.
  • Expense: What will it cost you to live? Can you afford it? Will you have to take a part-time job?
  • Social life: Investigate student clubs, eventsand societies, as well as the nightlife. Having a laugh, making friends and trying out new activities is an important aspect of university life.

Source: bbc.co.uk

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